3 Tips For Google Keyword Tool

To get traffic to your website you need to use keywords.

One of the best places to find keywords is the Google Keyword Tool.

google keyword tool

Google Keyword Tool


There are many paid tools as well, but anyone can use this tool for free.

It is easy to use and is an extremely powerful tool to have at your disposal.

Here you are able to build up large lists of keywords to use for your online business.

Google is the favourite search engine for most people.

They know what people are searching for and the words and phrases being used to get results.

So how do you begin to build up your own keyword lists?

There are a few basic things you need to do for researching keywords:

1. Try to come up with a list of basic keywords.

What would you type into a search engine when you are looking for something?

These keywords will be too general to be of any use to you. They will be too competitive and too broad in scope.

However they are just the starting point for further research.

2. Now log into the keywords tool and enter your original keywords.

Each one of your keywords will lead to a smaller, more specific list.

You will also discover new phrases at this stage. Phrases you may not have ever thought anyone would use.

Pick out any new keywords and phrases suitable for your niche at this stage.

3. After doing this for all your original keywords you will have a very big keyword list.

This list or lists will be relevant to your niche, but you will not have every keyword at this stage.

You will also have data like cost per click estimates, the number of average monthly searches and the competition you face for each keyword.

These figures are not totally accurate, they are only outlines so do spend too much time analysing them.

The biggest mistake most marketers make with keyword research is that they use the keywords and phrases that are searched for the most.

They wrongly assume that they will get traffic from these keywords.

But of course, you will not. The competition out there for them is too big, and even though they get thousands of searches monthly the chances of you getting any traffic is very slim.

What you need to do is concentrate on the keywords and phrases that get some monthly traffic but do not have as much competition.

These types of phrases are commonly referred to as long tail keywords.

You will find it easier to get ranked for these and even get on the first page in Google results.

If you wanted to do paid advertising you would not have to pay so much for clicks on these keywords either.

So head on over to the Google Keyword Tool and get started now.

You will get better with experience and may even find some very profitable low competition keywords for your niche straight away.

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2 thoughts on “3 Tips For Google Keyword Tool

  1. Ben,
    Thank you for these great tips on Google Keyword Tool. I believe following your 3 tips will have significant impact on our ranking. Your site is a great help.
    Looking forward to more tips. Thanks again!